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Mylar Reel Tape.jpg
Recording tape in white box with black and grey lettering.

Reel with brown tape and clear plastic reel contained in a square cardboard box. Box is black and ref with white lettering.

Red letter brand on beige painted face.

Headset with attached mouth. Aqua blue and crème colored.

Language Machine.jpg
Large machine used in the Lab School to help students learn new languages.

Pink Panther.jpg
Painting depicting a pink panther reclining with a pipe.

Light blue cover with applied label that reads, “LABORATORY SCHOOL/HANDBOOK OF POLICIES”

Last Lab School Yearbook.jpg
Yearbook from last year of the Lab School. White with blue lettering reads “75 Years of Excellence/Laboratory School Eastern Illinois University 1899-1974”

White and blue stripped apron
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